Process presents a new kind of historical fiction. Author Humphry Knipe reconsiders one of the most despised leaders of ancient Rome. Was Nero the Antichrist who "fiddled" while Rome burnt, or an artistic genius trapped inside a Caesar? In an age where destiny is encoded in the stars and the code breakers are court astrologers, Nero's secretary battles the prediction that he will murder the musical messiah he promised to protect

An imaginative, ingenious story about a time when astrology exceeded every religion in
power and influence.
— Michael Grant, author of Nero: Emperor in Revolt (American Heritage Press)
The Nero Prediction captures very imaginatively an aspect of thinking and planning
that conventional scholarship usually ignores. Humphry Knipe has made an important
contribution to our understanding of the ancient mental landscape
— Miriam Griffin, author of Seneca: a philosopher in politics (Oxford University Press) and Nero: The End of a Dynasty (Yale University Press)

About Humphry Knipe

Humphry Knipe is co-author of The Dominant Man, a study of animal and human “pecking orders,” hailed as “absolutely brilliant” by Colin Wilson. Knipe studied ancient astrology for ten years while researching and writing this book. He reveals how the movements of the planets were believed to weave a “destiny code” that foretold the future. This gave astrologers enormous influence over rulers like Nero, a man the author believes may have been the musical genius of his age. Humphry Knipe lives on a ranch in Malibu, California with his wife, photographer Suze Randall. They have three children.